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The Rescue Ally Project
The Ten Percent Club


Why hypoallergenic?
Allergies can afflict up to half of all dogs, and finding the culprit can be a daunting task. According to, there are three main causes of itchy dogs: fleas, dust/pollen and food allergies, like wheat and corn.

Why gluten free?
Chances are, if a dog has a wheat allergy, they may be allergic to gluten; a glue-like protein found in wheat, barley, rye, and most oatmeal. Dogs with this allergy can experience malnutrition, skin rashes, excessive shedding, and even joint problems.

Why grain free?
Grain free treats represent an evolution in the way we understand a dog’s digestion. Grain free treats are naturally gluten free and easy to digest, helping dogs absorb key nutrients in every bite. Everyone wants a healthy pup, so what can we offer a dog that suffers from allergies?

Where are your treats made?
Perris California, USA and proud of it!

What size are your treats?
Each heart is about 1/2" in size.

The ones I want are out of stock, now what?
You can place your order and we'll ship it to you as soon as it's back in stock or you can contact us to see when we anticipate having that product in.

My fur child has discerning taste, can I get a sample before I buy a bag?
You bet you can. Contact us at:, let us know which treats you'd like to try and we'll send you a few.

The Rescue Ally Project

How does it work?
At least twice a year we'll pick 2 to 3 rescues to spotlight on the back of our bags. There customers nationwide will see a picture and victory story plus a paragraph about your rescue that includes your website address. Not just that, we'll also post your org on our site and any other piece of marketing we can to help promote your group. Last but not least, we'll donate 10% of our proceeds raised to the groups being spotlighted.

How much does it cost?
A whopping 0 dollars. That's right, we don't want a dime from the rescues, this is just our way of helping those who help so many.

Who can participate?
Any 501c3 non-profit organization or shelter that aids dogs in the U.S.A. or abroad can apply for this program. All organizations must be based in the United States, for now. We're happy to consider organizations that rescue cats as well though our main focus is dogs.

How do I nominate a rescue?
First, like us on Facebook and sign up for The 10% Club to get newsletters. This ensures that you'll be informed on any updates we post. Next contact us directly with the following: The name and location of the rescue, a paragraph about your group including anything unique about what you do. Please also include one story of a rescued dog and his/her picture (high quality images are needed for printing purposes, 300 dpi). Once selected, your rescue will be contacted by us. Can't wait to be furever friends with you!

How many times can I apply?
You can apply once every quarter, we'll announce a request for entries when the time comes. You can even submit the same story if you'd like or a new one, up to you. We know you're busy saving lives so don't worry about coming up with something new every time.

Can a rescue be selected more then once?
We won't say never, but with so many deserving groups out there, it's unlikely we'll spotlight an organization more then once. But don't hold us to that:)

Can county shelters participate?
Yes they can, we want to be part of the solution and that includes regular ol' shelters too. That being said, we only focus on success stories, not on the dogs needing current adoptions due to the constraints of printing bags, etc. However, it is solely on the shelter employees or volunteers to get us the materials we need to move forward so please bear that in mind.

The Ten Percent Club

How does it work?
Sign up for our newsletter and you're in! From that day on, you'll get 10% off all your orders when you sign in to your account. Plus you'll be the first to hear about promotions, news and more.

Historical fun fact.
Did you know that the Ten Percent Club was a real thing during WWII? Only, instead of a discount, workers gave 10% of their earnings to aid the war effort. According to Wikipedia, "Americans were challenged to put at least 10% of every paycheck into bonds. Compliance was high, with entire work places earning a special “Minuteman” flag to fly over their plant if all workers belonged to the “Ten Percent Club.” Inspired by their sacrifice, we wanted to give back too. Everyone wins when everyone pitches in!


I'm a fan, how can I my pup become a Fan Recruit?
So happy you asked! Instagram your photo with the #rosiesdogcompany or email us and we'll post it for you.


Where is the bag of treats that I ordered?
If for some reason your treats do not arrive on the day you expected them to, please contact us directly at: info@rosiesdogcompany. We'll hunt that package down and get that problem solved pronto, asap!

Can I exchange my bag of treats?
Yep, just pop it in the mail back to us, opened or not, and we'll send you another of your choosing.

My dog is pawticular and didn't like the treats, can I return them for a refund?

Yep again. Contact us at:, send the package back and once we have it we'll refund you the cost of the order less shipping to the credit card you used to make your purchase.


I am an owner/buyer for a store, how do I obtain a wholesale account?
Contact us at: with your resale number. We'll get back to you asap so we can get down to business!

Where does your product ship from?

Everything ships from our distribution warehouse in California


What is your privacy policy?
We don't share your private information with anyone outside our company, period.