Our Hero, Hooch! August 25 2016

Hooch, the man, the myth, able to slobber two shoes in a single drool, has won the American Humane Association's Emerging Hero Award! He serves as Marley's Mutts ambassador, as a therapy dog to special needs children and as symbol of triumph over cruelty.

This guy is as brave as they come but I'll let Marley's Mutts say it in their own words from the American Humane Association website,

Hooch is a French Mastiff with badly cropped ears, a broken tail, no tongue and the brightest spirit you’ll ever encounter. Zach Skow, of Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue, was alerted about him by a shelter in Bakersfield, and was told that the dog wouldn’t eat or drink, and would instead thrash his food and water bowls around like a maniac. By the time he was pulled to freedom, he was 35 pounds underweight – starving, dehydrated and severely malnourished. Never thinking to check for a missing tongue, they thought he might have a broken or dislocated jaw that was causing his behavior. When taken to the vet, he was sedated to ready him for x-rays, and the gruesome discovery was made… Hooch’s tongue had been savagely removed at its base, likely in an attempt to prime him for the role of a bait dog.  After using a feeding tube (Hooch kept yanking it out) it was discovered that Hooch could be hand-fed!  He tilts his head back while Zach has a handful of food and places it in the back of Hooch’s throat and they let gravity do the rest. Hooch stands for overcoming adversity, bravery and living in the moment. 

We are SO proud to feature him on our Peanut Butter/Banana bag for 2016! Now Hooch is up for the granddaddy prize, American Dog Hero! Make sure to watch the American Humane Association Hero Awards and cross your paws for our hero, Hooch!