Business has gone to the dogs! September 20 2016

Rosie's Dog Company SuperZoo 2016

And that's just how we like it! Since SuperZoo 2016, word is gettin' around about Rosie's and her mission. In case you don't know, SuperZoo is the largest pet trade show on the West Coast, and we had our first booth there with the new treats!

We met lots of great people (and pawsome dog friends) who share a lot of love for dogs. From dog lovin' Mom and Pop shops to big stores all the way in Taiwan, it was an amazing show!

One person we met was Jeanne Holm Ackah of Dog Biz World. It's an awesome site dedicated to promoting small dog centric businesses that are trying to make the world a better place, for dogs, lol.

We immediately connected over our love for Rosie the Riveter and when she wanted to do an interview, we said, well, gosh, ok...

Read the interview and check out her site here:

Dog Biz World Rosie's Dog Company Interview

And here are some of our fav pics from SuperZoo we just had to share!