The V-Day for Rescues Bark Sale Challenge January 14 2015

Everybody loves baked goodies, dogs especially love a fun treat and what better way to get the whole neighborhood involved in a great cause then a bake sale. That’s why we created “The Bark Sale Fundraiser Kit,” a fun kit that families can download and use to host their own bake sale to raise funds for rescues and shelters everywhere.

To kick things off, we are announcing The V-Day for Rescues Bark Sale Challenge. The fund-raiser invites bakers of all ages to bake and sell their dog treats to raise funds for their favorite rescue or shelter. The contest will end on Valentine’s Day 2015. The grand prize winner will get their donation amount matched by Rosie’s Barkery and treats for their dog too.

To register and download the kit go to:

Getting all pets the loving home they deserve is a big challenge but together, like Rosie says, “We can do it!”