What can we do in 2015? January 01 2015

In one of my recent posts I went to the East Valley Animal Shelter to give the donations that you folks had generously given. While there I came across a woman who was surrendering her sweet poodle mix. She was tearful and the dog a young, seemingly healthy girl named Jasmine.

East Valley Animal Shelter Owner Surrender

I didn't know why she was surrendering and it didn't matter to me, all I knew was that her dog was in trouble. I tried to get the dog but it was too late, the dog was already in the system (which is clearly the dumbest system ever since my offer to take the dog would help save the shelter time, money and effort). The weirdest thing to me was that the woman didn't know she had options.

How, in this day of internet, could someone not know there are options? The numerous rescues out there who might have been able to help her? It made me think how much there is yet to do to save pets lives. I didn't know why she surrendered Jasmine, but I know there had to of been another way.

To help spread education on the matter, here is an article on Financial Assistance for pet parents from the good people at Best Friends Animal Society and another from Pets of the Homeless (don't have to be homeless to tap into some of the resources).

Please pass this along to friends and ask them to do the same. It's going to take everyone working together to save the lives of innocent pets.

Financial Assistance for Pet Guardians

Pets of the Homeless Financial Resources