Great Pumpkins! It's Howloween time again! October 24 2014


BOO! Did Howloween creep up and scare you again this year? I know, it's frightful the way time flies. But allow us to calm your nerves and help you get ready for the best Howloween ever!

First things first, safety!
1. No candy, no chocolate! Sorry puppies but those kinds of treats are just for humans. If your dog has pulled some kind of trick and gotten into the goodie bag, the ASPCA can help with a hotline on what to do. Call them and/or your vet right away if you suspect any shenanigans.

The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center number to call is: (888) 426-4435.

2. For the chewers out there, keep those electrical cords tucked away or up high lest your puppy get a nasty burn or shock. Only fake wounds please.

3. Some dogs are divas (or devos? What's the boy equivalent? Anyways you get it) and LOVE to dress up. Other dogs (like me) think the costume is for chewing on. Make sure your dog fits into the first category before taking them around the block in something they might find embarrassing if their dog park friends saw them in it. Also make sure there are no parts that dogs can chew or swallow that would cause them harm. This is supposed to be fun and going to the ER is not that.

4. If you have Trick-or-Treaters knocking on your door every 5 minutes, your dog will probably go insane or drive you insane with their barking. We recommend allowing your dog to remain in another room while you greet all the little ghouls and ghosts. This would also avoid any chance that your dog would dart out the door (undoubtedly to go to that Howloween rave that his dog park pals are goin' to).

5. And should your dog actually attempt to go to that pawty, he's gonna need an I.D. Make sure he's wearing it at all times!

Pawty Time!
Don't know where to go in your area? Here's a great resource: Bring Fido Halloween Events

 Now get along little doggie and take your human to get some treats!