Wow, when it rains it pours, and right now, it's raining cats and dogs (sorry but you know I had to)!

We have a few amazing opportunities that have come our way, but we need your help because these opportunities are also available to other small companies. However, lemme tell you, when it comes to small companies, we're the chihuahua runt of the litter so when we say we need your help, WE NEED YOUR HELP!

The first opportunity: Chase Mission Main Street Grant. It's only $150,000 plus other ridiculous goodies that anyone would go nuts for, that's all! Do you know how many dogs we could help with that kinda dough? Please vote for us!

Mission Main St Grant 

Next, we're up for a Barkie Award! What's a Barkie Award? Put it this way, the Oscars are the award that the Barkie Award steps on and instantly regrets walking in the grassy far off parts of the dog park, that's how illustrious the Barkie award is. It's hosted by Bark Box, a super innovative company and if we win, we get to donate $1000 of their money to our favorite rescue! When you have a second, please vote for us!

We're also super excited to have been reviewed by the most fantastic blog: Live. Pant. Play. They loved the treats and wrote up the nicest review on Rosie's favorite flavor, Peanut Butter. The blog is full of really good info too, written by professional groomer Megan, she really knows what's good for your doggie and how to make your pooch the purtiest pup on parade! Check them out!