Swimming with Sharks July 30 2014

And it turns out, he was pretty nice! Here I am, looking a bit starstruck next to TV's "Shark Tank" mega investor, Daymond John at this year's SuperZoo. He was the keynote speaker and what an inspiring speech, true rags to riches story. I learned a lot from it not to mention the boss soundtrack that accompanied the speech (he came up during the early years of hip hop, also the soundtrack of my youth) but wait, what's SuperZoo, you ask?

SuperZoo is one of the largest and best conventions for Pet industry folks. Call it a big sniff n' greet if you will. Anyone from Mom and Pop shops, rescues, distributors, groomers to large chains are there to see what's new and meet new friends. It's a lot of fun, did I mention it's in Las Vegas?
Here are some of my favorite pictures from the show.





Holy cow! This is hands down one of my favorite booths, they're from a company called 4pets Proline, from Switzerland, can you tell? They make these crazy serious dog crates for traveling. They look really high quality and c'mon, they brought a cow! They were kind enough to humor me as I asked the lederhosen clad lad to milk Bessie for my shot. Not sure if she traveled in the crate but from the looks of the crates, I think she could have!


 Capt. Ameribark!

The costumes, you should have seen the crazy! You got your Capt. America, The Little Merdog, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (all 4), wigs, glasses, you name it and you'll be able to get it come this Howloween!




There were quite a few dogs who were very pretty in pink. The poodle was showing off a fancy dress from Hollywood Poochie. They usually do human lingerie and smaller dog fancy stuff but couldn't pass up the chance to dress this starlet! Rosie would never let me dress her this way, as she puts it, "Mom, I'm a working dog, not a girly dog! Go put Lily in a dress, she likes to get ruffled." What can you do right, dogters!


I also met new friends from Marley's Mutts. They were there, courtesy of this pawsome new magazine called Rescue Me, to get their dog friends homes! If you're interested in any of these lil' fellas, call them right away cuz at a giant show filled with dog lovers, and with these looks...just hurry up already!












Last but not least, see this cat laying on the table? Dogs walking by and tons of people everywhere but she's just chillin' like a villain? But this is no villian, she's a hero! That's Tara the Hero Cat! Don't know who she is? Check out her badassery HERE. So cool to meet her and her family! She was a total doll, just don't mess with her family of course. I am looking forward to getting her paw print on my official Tara the Hero Cat Tee shirt though!

So there it is: Sharks, new doggie friends and cat defenders! I can easily say that this year put the Super in the Zoo!