Meet Pets with Disabilities! June 25 2014

Annie, a beautiful white German Shepard, runs around her yard with a rather soppy tennis ball in her mouth. Her yard, a stretch of land, located in the rolling, sleepy hills of Prince Fredrick, Maryland is as picturesque as an early American painting, but the hills aren't the only things that are rolling in her yard.

Annie is a wheelchair bound dog. She can only truly run with her two front feet and relies on the aid of her wheelchair to hoist her back feet up and give her mobility. Upon seeing her you might be tempted to feel sorry for her, until you see the big smile on her face, that is. Then you'd know how great her life is, in her forever home with the animal rescue group, Pets with Disabilities, but it wasn't always so.

Annie of Pets with DisabilitiesFound completely emaciated and covered with sores, poor Annie was paralyzed AND caring for her 10 puppies. It was a site to see. Joyce Darrell, co-founder of Pets with Disabilities, was able to take her in and nurse her back to the happy dog she is today, and not just her.

Annie lives with ten other permanent members of Pets with Disabilities which include: Four wheelchair bound dogs, a deaf dog, a blind dog, one with a broken back, one with clubbed feet AND a three legged dog! That's just the permanent members, at any given time there are ten to twelve other dogs available for adoption, it's a full house! But none of this would be possible if it weren't for the full heart and dedication of Joyce Darrell and her husband Michael Dickerson.

Realizing there was no support system or education available for people dealing with disabled pets, Pets with Disabilities was incorporated to be that support system for these animals with no voice.

Pets with Disabilties FoundersAnnie of Pets with Disabilities with friend

With the expansion of the rescue, they committed themselves totally to helping these dogs in need. Many people that visit their website, think they are a huge organization, when in fact, it's really just a very few. Joyce takes no salary for her hours of work, and has no paid help with only a small core group of volunteers (Thank Gosh for them)! This is completely a labor of love. Because of Pets with Disabilities, dogs like Annie is able have the best life any dog could ask for, and there's no dis in that!
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